09 January 2006

Plenty of Choices!

According to Elections Canada On-Line, there are no less than fifteen registered Political Parties eligible to field candidates in the January 23 federal election.

Unfortunately, it appears the Natural Law Party (a.k.a the the yogic flyers party) has voluntarily withdrawn. Good thing too since their Canadian website now redirects to an online dating directory.

Sadly, it appears that the Absolutely Absurd Party lost their ability to become registered.

Around here, the fringiest party is the Western Block Party (WBP) headed by controversial lawyer Doug Christie. Mr. Christie and his compatriots would like to see Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) form an independent country. Suuuuure.

Currently, six parties are represented, and one independent is running in my riding (Victoria); there is no incumbent candidate:

ANDERSEN, Saul (Independent)
BAIRD, Robin (Conservative)
LADE, Ariel (Green Party)
MALLACH, Fred (Marijuana Party)
MULRONEY, David (Liberal)
SAVOIE, Denise (N.D.P.)

Next door, in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, there are six parties and no idependent candidates; Keith Martin is the incumbent:

DeSOUZA, Troy (Conservative)
GARRISON, Randall (N.D.P.)
MARTIN, Keith (Liberal)
PINEY, David (Canadian Action)
ROBINSON, Mike (Green Party)

Across town, the choice is even slimmer at 5 parties in Saanich-Gulf Islands; Gary Lunn is the incumbent:

BURGIS, Jennifer (N.D.P.)
LEWIS, Andrew (Green Party)
LUNN, Gary Vincent (Conservative)
O’BRIEN, Patricia (WBP)
ORR, Sheila (Liberal)


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