06 January 2006

Stupid criminals.

Well, more hooligans than criminals. Police were called to Earl's Restaurant onBlanshard street in Victoria in the wee hours of the morning because two inebriated men were attempting to steal "a large fiberglass parrot" from the roof.



'nee said...

I've had my eyes on those parrots forever. One or two would really lighten up the livingroom... :)

Cheryl said...

Apparently they managed to break one off at the perch. It is missing from the roof, and then I heard the manager saying on the news that the parrot was "currently in [her] garage." Heh.

Z├ęzette said...

The responsibility in this case lies squarely with the restauranteur -- two fibreglass parrots constitutes inciting theft. Who, after a couple of ales, could resist a big plastic bird? I knocked the third one off while I was there, actually. It's in Tim's bathroom.