12 January 2006

First podcast on tap!

Well, for those of you who would like to hear hubby and I talking and ranting about the coming Federal Election, our first podcast of Those DeWolfes is up and ready for download. It's still rough around the edges... but we figured we wanted it out there before the election! It's about a half hour in length and about 28 MB ... and I think I sound like a dork. Perhaps you can be the judge. Lemme know if you download it.

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1 comment:

Tim said...

Awesome! Do it again. It was fun. It was like sitting in your living room, only without the cats trying to kill each other.

It kind of reminded me of the cassette tapes I used to exchange with someone from 1979-1980 when I moved to Ontario.

P.S. I shook Keith Martin's hand this evening, and recommended The Corrections to him. I told him there were no happy endings, just like in real life, but I'm not sure he got the message (although I'm sure he'll carry the day in Esq-JDF).