16 January 2006

Celebrity Wit at the Globes

Watching the Golden Globes, and the red-carpet lead-up this evening, I realized there are indeed celebrities with my sense of humour. My fave were Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick talking about leaving their son at home for the first time, "We left him with five dollars for food.." "... and I tied a key around his neck.." :)

I also loved Geena Davis totally sucking in the audience with a tale of a little girl tugging on her ballgown and telling her that "because of you, one day I want to be president." As the audience pours out a chorus of "Awwwwwwww" and the director focuses on celebrity moms like Gwyneth Paltrow, Davis says, "actually, that didn't happen." At which point the director changes focus and comes up with Will Ferrel laughing so hard he is in tears. Brilliant.


I've gotta take a moment though and ponder a couple of fashion trends.

1. Why were there so many guys there with really shaggy hair? I mean, Jason Lee did his best to slick back Earl's mop of hair -- but he's still filming the season, so that's expectable. OTOH, someone should have dragged a comb across the heads of Philip Seymour Hoffman (ooh, scratch that, it seems someone DID give him a comb just before the best actors were announced...) and (say it isn't so!) the usually dapper Tim Robbins. An appointment with a hair stylist should have been priority for Joaquin Phoenix, too.

2. Girls, girls, girls. There comes a time in a woman's life when you really need to consider a bra. I know backless, cutout, and otherwise slinky dresses are a big deal at awards shows.... but please -- Drew Barymore, I'm talking to you -- invest in a decent bra or bustier, or something to support the twins, mmmm'Kay?


And a parting thought... I think maybe Mary Louise Parker had been sampling brownies from her set shortly before accepting....


Rae said...

I just finished watching the red carpet here (shown just a tad later in Aus) and I have to admit I loved Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick's jokes about leaving their little boy home alone. Shows just how down to earth they are - it's stuff like this we kid our friends about.

rob in Victoria said...

Although I must say that MLP's nod to John Spencer was nice -- classy and the emotional high point of the night.

Cheryl said...

Rae: yes, I've seen them in other interviews and they seem very grounded.

Rob: Sure, once she stopped giggling, she was all class. :)