12 January 2006

Heavy Weather

Weather has been wet. Very wet. Apparently it is newsworthy that we have had 25 consecutive days of rain; the news coverage started on day 21. Today though, we had WIND. Ugly, mean, tree-toppling wind:


Happily, hubby came and picked me up from work so I didn't have to bus home.

So, yesterday I had an interview for an IT job. I think I finally stopped playing the "I should have said..." broken record in my head around midnight last night. Tip for those of you who might apply for an IT job in tech support -- might be a good idea to rehearse some examples of techie stuff you've done. Yep, that's right, I was that unprepared. Doh. The committee should be making their decision by Monday, so the angst will be over soon enough.

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