26 January 2006

Accumulated Miscellany

Anyone else think it is odd that one of the larger Robbie Burns Day celebrations locally was held at the Irish Times pub? Speaking of Irish... it's not even the end of January and at least one dollar store already has half an aisle of St. Patrick's day party goods and tchotchkes.

In other news, there is some stirring of discontent over the latest READ poster (from the American Library Association) featuring Kelly Rippa. See past questionable choices at the ALA e-store. Long ago, I had a READ poster featuring Sting. Wish I still had that one instead of a Chris Atkins beefcake poster....

How about this for a bad idea:
[McDonald's restaurants] said Thursday it had begun trialing a new scheme in Britain whereby two people from the same family who worked at the same branch could cover each other's shifts without giving any prior notice.

That sounds like a good way for McD's to get entire families of indentured servants employees.

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