30 January 2006

This might be a REALLY long flight...

AirTroductions™ - There's Something in the Air

I read about this curious service through Reuters "oddly enough" news this morning. Apparently it was also featured on Lisa Loeb's new reality show (Wait! This is her second reality show? WTF?) I'm not sure how well this could work.

Basically, you sign up with a profile in the hopes of locating a good match for conversation or networking or... (can you say "mile high club"?) It's free up until the point you want to make an actual connection, then it's five bucks.

Now, I haven't travelled often enough to worry about the annoying-seat-mate-from-hell; usually I've been able to slip into my headphones and ignore the other party all-together (I wonder if that makes me the annoying-seat-mate-from-hell?) I can kind of understand the thinking behind it, but I think the marketing needs to be more targeted. e.g.:

AirTroductions - Business (for business class frequent flyers; an emphasis on networking style and stock portfolio)
AirTroductions - YouthPass (budget backpacker? extreme sports? anti-globalization protester? rock band groupie?)
AirTroductions - FrazzledParent (age of screaming child multiplied by proclivity to air-sickness)
AirTroductions - MyFifi (swap cute pet stories for the duration of the flight; split into MyFifi is travelling with me and MyFifi is in the best kennel in my state)
AirTroductions - MileHighClub (Oh, yeahhhh! Cue cheesy porn music, boww-chikka-bow-bow)

And so on.

EDIT: It seems this is my 700th post to this blog. Wow.

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