15 January 2006


A bout of collective restlessness this afternoon meant we decided to head out for a late brunch. We ended up at ReBar, somewhere I haven't been in a long time but is still as good as I remembered. I had their Almond burger (a meatless patty made with a secret mix of almonds, vegetables and grains); hubby had a variation on eggs benedict with salmon; kiddo had the "little jack" -- basically a cheese quesadilla.


A break in the weather also meant it was a good day for photos, but wouldn't you know it? My batteries gave out before I got too many shots.



Watching the news, it seems there was an earthquake early this morning. Oddly, we didn't feel it, even though it was sizeable (magnitude 3.9) -- though I suppose we haven't felt any of the quakes that have occurred in the region since we moved to this townhouse. I guess that's one thing in its favour.


Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

Wow, anonymous. That's lovely. Thanks so very much for adding your thoughts to an ENTIRELY UNRELATED post.