02 October 2006

Mostly Me Day....

After walking kiddo to school, I bussed into town and wandered. I took photos and scoured two thrift stores... just ideal for me.

passionflower1 bridge_comingdown summerfruit rusted_hitch halloween_thrifts

This afternoon hubby gave me my anniversary gift early -- a 250 GB drive mounted in an external case. Woooo! While it formatted, we picked up kiddo and went out for dinner (our second buffet meal in two days... urf -- yesterday we went to Samuels for a birthday brunch).

This evening I shuffled a lot of media into the new drive, played with flickr for a while, and signed up with del.icio.us -- though I'm not sure yet whether it will be useful. Now we're watching comedies on CBS. Whee!

tags: wandering, mycity, photography, gifts

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