09 October 2006

The one where I was not disappointed.

Ah. The Doctor is back.

Series Two of Doctor Who with David Tennant premiered in Canada tonight and, happily, it did not suck. Sure, there were some super cheeeeeezy moments, and yeah, the ending was seriously ridiculous, but whatever. David Tennant was great. I thought Christopher Eccleston was "great" but Tennant is better. It was also a treat to see the return of Zöe Wannamaker as "the last human."

I never watched the old Doctor. Who episodes, though I have seen some now, and I was very eagerly awaiting this premier (almost as much as hubby was awaiting the latest season of Battlestar Galactica). So, Mondays at 8:00 for the next few weeks, don't call; I won't answer the phone.

(And, yeah, I know Canada is waaaay behind the UK series... but that's OK. I have other prime time shows to watch.)

tags: television, scifi, doctor who

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pastilla said...

The new Doctor Who series definitely does not suck.

We have been waiting for BG, too (c'mon unscrupulous bit-torrenters . . .)