07 October 2006

Archie McPhee for Christmas!

Oh, I don't need any of this.... but I wannit. In fact, I'm pretty sure Archie McPhee only sells things people don't need.... but at any rate, I'd be happy to find any of these items under my Christmas tree or in my stocking:

1. The Cubes: Corporate Zombies -- they glow in the dark!! -- set of four $13.50
2. The Cubes: IT Set -- complete with cubicle and Unix box -- set for $12.95
3. Deluxe Librarian Action Figure -- yeah, I have the original, but I want the one with the book truck!!! -- $11.95
4. Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure -- with a raven -- $8.95
5. Pirate Dome Lunch Box -- classic metal lunchbox -- $16.95 and/or the Day of the Dead Snackbox. (And if I have to make my lunch, I'd like the Pirate Apron, too.)
6. Sarcastic Ball -- like a Magic 8 Ball, but more my style -- $7.95
7. Seven Deadly Sins Wristbands -- Livestrong? No thanks, I'll wear "Gluttony" instead -- $13.95 (I'd also like the Bad Attitude Wristbands, and/or the Bleak Wristbands)
8. Tiki Bandages -- for all my boo-boos -- $4.95 (Devil Duckie or Pirate Bandages would also make cool stocking stuffers)
9. Ooooh, Death Mints -- 2 for $4.95 and Pirate Pencil Toppers -- set of 5 $4.95
10. And if you can't decide, how about a Surprise Package -- $21.95 or a Jumbo Mystery Box -- $39.95!

And you can't go wrong with Devil Duckies. Ever.

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