30 September 2006

I must be on vacation....

I slept in. ... until 8:05. That still doesn't seem like sleeping in to me, but it's two hours later than my alarm usually sounds.

I lazed around the house... had a bowl of cereal with kiddo... then hubby returned with groceries and fresh coffee (mmmmmMMmmm).

Around 11:00 we climbed in the van and headed North (as usual). We stopped for fast food in Duncan... then at the flea marked at the south end of Nanaimo (at the Moose Lodge)... on to Value Village (where we found some much-needed clothing for kiddo) ... on to Jysk (where we found a sofa we liked but not enough to buy it right away) ... then up to Woodgrove (where we bought Christmas presents) and back South again.

On the way home we stopped in at Russel Farms where we found "rainbow carrots" and ooodles of pumpkins.



Tonight, hubby and I watched Run Lola Run and now Office Space which should wrap up in time for the season opener of SNL. Woo!

tags: vacation, roadtrip

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