17 October 2006

Put some art in your day...

While sitting at the sale table for the UVic Libraries United Way Booksale today (it continues tomorrow, if you're in town), I spent a fair bit of time between sales enjoying the beautiful oil paintings on the walls in the McPherson Gallery.

The works are by Canadian artist Jean Ives. Many can be seen on her website, but the images do not do the works justice. Seriously. Many of the works are for sale and I really wanted to buy one... or two. It helps of course that many are images of island landscapes, stuff I love.

If landscapes aren't your style, how about some still-lifes of coffee cups, desserts and other things found inside Parisian caf├ęs? I've gotten hooked on the art of Carol Gillot over at Paris Breakfasts.

I know, I know; it's all too froofy. Fine, here's some skeletons and other dead folks as interpreted by Mike Egan.

tags: art, artists.

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