15 October 2006


This morning, we went back to Butterfly Gardens (the last time, Mother's Day, was a complete and utter disaster, if you'll remember). This time, all went well. Kiddo was a little jumpy at first but quickly mellowed. I got lots of photos.

butterfly_feeding pinkflower yellow_and_black branchoforchids

Now I should be preparing my craft fair paperwork, but I left the actual papers at work and I can't access all of the forms from home to print new ones and ... well I supose I could make more stock but my shoulder really hurts ... and well anyway.... I got stuck looking at YouTube instead. These ones don't suck:

Teddybear Surgeon -- short, simple stop-motion stuffed animals with a heavy metal soundtrack.

Somewhere in the Amazon -- stop motion with LEGO. Fun. One day when I finish the other gazillion unfinished projects, I shall attempt something like it.

The Evolution of Beauty -- one minute from start to finish; what it takes to make an average model "beautiful"; the most interesting part is the photoshopping from photo to finished billboard.

Experiments in Obsession -- yes, more animation; this one is hand-drawn and silent. Reminds me of NFB shorts :)

Four day week this week. Friday is a day off for kiddo but also for me; not sure what we will be doing.

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