06 October 2006

Vampire Symphony

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?

Next Friday (the 13th), the Victoria Symphony is performing Nosferatu -- that is, the original score for the film, as the film plays. Bonus: Dr. Peter Golz (a.k.a. "that guy who teaches the Vampire courses") is giving a pre-show lecture.

I think we may have even talked kiddo into attending. Whee!

tags: vampires, music, symphony


pastilla said...

Vampire attire encouraged . . . sounds like an adventure . . .

Off topic question, but are you by chance participating in NaNoWriMo? (I'm looking for writing buddies.)

Cheryl said...

1. Yeah, hubby was all gunned for it until he read the "vampire attire" option. ;)

2. Nope. Got lots to do and don't need the extra stress of deadlines. :) Not this year anyway.

pastilla said...

Too bad.

I need to catch up on your latests entries . . . I've been busy preparing an 8th grade homeschooling curriculum and am far, far, behind with reading.