06 October 2006

Moo MiniCards!

Originally uploaded by triviaqueen.
A while back, I ordered some Moo MiniCards -- they had a promo for Flickr Pro members -- a 10 pack was free! (The free packs are now sold out but there is free shipping on the 100 packs until October 15th.) You can see many of the other sets on Flickr in the Moo MiniCards Pool.

Anyway, most of them turned out OK; they are quite small as you can see from this photo. Of the set of 10, I was most impressed by the caterpillar shot and the crow on the grave; I was disappointed in the magnolia and the yellow roses.

For the back, I included very little info -- my flickr url (http://www.flickr.com/photos/triviaqueen/) and my webmail address, basically.

tags: flickr, moo, callingcards, photography

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