12 October 2006

The 2006 Fall TV Season Continues

A follow up, of sorts, to my first post about the season and, I suppose, an addendum to my Ode to Doctor Who.

Since we started the season Smith, a surprisingly entertaining show, has been "cancelled" (possibly still in production (reports vary) but yanked from the schedule in favour of CSI and Criminal Minds reruns) and Standoff, also better than I had expected, is swapping timeslots with House (fine, now we can turn off the tv an hour earlier on Tuesdays).

We also watched the premiers of Doctor Who (see above), Battlestar Galactica (still great, but I found one of the subplots so annoying that I may skip the rest of the season and instead keep kiddo busy in another room for the hour BSG is on), Jericho (actually, we've seen a few episodes now... and as KungFuMonkey brilliantly noted, " Jericho is the absolute best show from 1988. And I'm cool with that."), and 30 Rock (I'll give it a go for the season, but I smell early cancellation).


My favourite new show so far is Studio 60; of the returning shows, I think Doctor Who and Weeds are my must-tune-in picks, though I am also quite fond of How I Met Your Mother. The rest, I can pretty much miss without a hint of remorse.

We haven't really gotten into Heroes or Eureka... though they are not completely off our radar either. And, we may actually start watching 24 this season (January) just to see Alexander Siddig being a baddie.

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pastilla said...

Pray tell . . . the Starbuck subplot?

Cheryl said...

Indeed, Pastilla, you read me well.

pastilla said...

It's awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwful.