23 October 2006

What the ---?

U.S. teacher exiled to Canada after sexual abuse conviction

An American teacher convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old student has been exiled to Canada as punishment in an unusual case that has immigration experts questioning its legality.

A U.S. judge gave Malcolm Watson a choice between serving as much as a year behind bars or agreeing to a three-year exile in Canada. Watson, a 35-year-old former teacher at Buffalo Seminary in New York state, chose Canada.

How is this a "punnishment" exactly? There are thousands of people wanting into Canada and some judge in Buffalo sends a sexual predator here instead of to jail? Am I missing something?

tags: justice, Canada-US relations.


Ted said...

And how did the conversation at the border go?

Customs Officer: And what is the purpose of your visit to Canada?

Watson: A three-year exile for statutory rape.

CO: Thanks for coming. Enjoy your stay!

Cheryl said...

oh, hey, the Ontario premier seems a bit miffed... Canada no dumping ground

pastilla said...

Canada: the new Sardinia???

Methinks somewhere in Buffalo there is a greasy, greasy palm.

Mike DeWolfe said...

I feel a lot more cavalier about pumping sewage into the water that heads towards Port Angeles, Washington