31 October 2006

Trick or Treat!


Kiddo romped around from house to house like an old pro tonight.

After meeting me at work, we went to Hillside for "Malloween" which was pretty calm -- nothing like the mobfest at Mayfair a couple of years back. After a wander through the mall (including the purchase of some new shake-to-use flashlights), we headed toward Oak Bay. We wandered one street, up and down, before going to Eugene's for dinner. There we met friends and their 20-month old on her first Halloween -- Kiddo was very excited about "teaching her" how it all worked.

From there, we went into Oak Bay proper, and Trick-or-Treated along the road leading to the firehall, where there was a bonfire. Unfortunately, we got to the firehall just as festivities were winding down, but that was OK by Kiddo (she doesn't trust big fires -- even when surrounded by firefighters). We made just a couple of stops after the firehall on the way back to the van -- despite Kiddo's apparent energy, she was fading and her companion was almost asleep on her mother's shoulder.

Just an aside, I was very proud of her display of self-preservation and common sense. She knew better than to go in when well-meaning seniors asked if she could "step inside for just a minute" (she firmly said "NO") and aside from one tumble, she carefully watched where she was going. She knew when to ask for extra light to see down stairs or an extra hand when no railing was evident. (She even wanted us to sort the candy on our return home so she knew it was safe.)

Oh, and in case you were curious, she proudly wore her Everything costume (which got lots of complements), accessorized with face paint (a house, sun, and clouds) and skeleton gloves:

costume06_front costume06_back

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