10 October 2006

YouTube in the news

Yeah, so apparently yesterday YouTube got bought out by some "upstart" company yesterday for like a gazillion dollars*.

Sigh. Eventually, everything will be owned by Google or Yahoo! I suppose I'm happier it was Google that bought YouTube. There's assurances that things will stay the same... and like other Google acquisitions (Blogger,Picasa, Writely...), I'm sure they will, for the most part. Though I expect soon enough I will have to sign into YouTube using my Google password.

Interestingly, I was using all of the above before Google bought them; I was using Flickr before Yahoo! bought it, too (I get to sign in using the "old school" login page)... apparently I have too much "free time" (yeah, don't start with me... I read a book this week... Fine. Yes, it was a kid's book... don't start with me...)

Speaking of time, it is Time 4 Bed (Go ahead, click. It's a cute/funny Weird Al-like video by Nick Schelle, from Victoria. I could tell from the Island Farms Milk in the video that he was "local." I swear this city is freaking tiny, and I bet if I asked around my circle of friends, someone I know actually knows Mr. Schelle -- two degrees of separation, that's likely it.)

*actually $1.65 billion. With a B.

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