03 October 2006

Videos you probably didn't need to see....

1. Oedipus in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables.

2. Bollywood's version of Michael Jackson's Thriller: Chiru

And the thing that has been making me laugh A LOT this week... Dane Cook (not my favourite comedian by a long shot) hosted SNL this past weekend. In his monologue, he talked about how much crap was on YouTube. First he suggested punching the keyboard to get something, then he suggested typing in something random, like a:f6. Now, when you search for "a:f6" you get over 300 results. Some are truly, eye-meltingly awful, but others are not a bad response to Cook's barb.

tags: videos, youtube, dane cook.

1 comment:

Tim said...

That Oedipus movie is a real let-down. Technically impressive, but otherwise completely flat.