07 October 2006

Frugal Furniture and Fun with Kiddo

This week we have managed to replace two very rickety pieces of furniture: our kitchen table and our coffee table. Both pieces were about 25 years old and ugly.

The replacement kitchen table we got via craigslist; nice solid wood scratched up but still lots of years in it -- $40 -- now we just need new chairs. The replacement coffee table I had seen at Value Village on Monday -- but it had a "SOLD" sticker on. Yesterday, I went in, and it was still there. I asked staff how long they usually held furniture and was told 24 hours. Long story short, they phoned the "buyer" and told them to pick it up by end of day. They didn't, and this morning, we got a very funky coffee table -- the top lifts to a table height when sitting on the sofa -- just over $45 with tax.

newkitchentable newcoffeetable

This afternoon, I offered to take kiddo to the library and let her play in the park afterward. She happily agreed. We spent a long time in the library -- gathering a lot of books in the process. Outside, we noticed that there were a lot of balloons and crowds of people across the street at the firehall -- it turns out they were having an open house. Kiddo wanted to play in the playground instead of checking it out -- until they lit a real fire. Then we watched them use the fire extinguisher. By then, she really wanted to go see more. She ended up getting her face painted, tried out the fire hose, and checked out the firetruck and the emergency services van. The fire hose made a huge impression on her:


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