19 March 2006

Watch your step....

... we are renovating again. Hubby painted the back wall of the kitchen yesterday (same orange colour as our accent wall in the living room) and he hung a new corner cupboard which we found at ReStore. It almost matches our existing cupboards (the dimensions are identical but the door has an added detail/frame which I'm hoping can be pried off). Here's a view of the new back wall of the kitchen through the passthrough from the living room:


Meanwhile, upstairs, I tried to take off kiddo's old wallpaper border. One wall came off completely clean... the others are giving me much grief. Naturally, the new border is much narrower or I'd just say to hell with it and cover over the stuck-on shards that remain. I tried scraping them off, I tried soaking them off and now I'm down to sanding. Worst case, I go buy a gallon of flat white paint and cover over the mess after I've sanded down to the drywall. Heh.

Today, hubby will likely finish off the kitchen and we may try to paint kiddo's accent wall, but we do have to sneak in a birthday party to which kiddo has been invited in the middle of the day. Of course, it doesn't do much for our schedule that we slept in until 9:30!!

I will post more photos when we are closer to complete....

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Z├ęzette said...

"Passthrough". Hmmm. I'd always wondered what other people call those. Ours is known as "the peeky hole".