03 March 2006

Bad! Bad Disney!

Somehow, I missed the backlash on this if there was any last year (and there should have been) because the asshats at Disney, after acquiring the rights to distribute Hayao Miyazaki's films, decided to re-dub My Neighbour Totoro -- with Dakota "overexposed and poised for a rehab-required burnout" Fanning and her real-life younger sister Elle Fanning!! Ack.

Details are over at IMDB: Full Cast and Crew for Tonari no Totoro (1988)

TAGS: Disney, needless revision, movies, animation.

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Rob said...

Part of the problem (apparently) is that the Ghibli/Japanese cut is slightly longer than the previously released English cut, so a new dub had to be done.

We'll all still have our MGM dvds with the slightly shorter version and the original dub, in all its non-widescreen glory, though.

Best children's film ever, though, no matter how you slice it.