08 March 2006

Basic Book Repair.

How cool is this? It's a Book Repair Kit from TalasOnline.com. It comes with all the basic tools and supplies for properly binding, mending and preserving books.

Wanna learn more? We use Jane Greenfield's methods (for the most part) for in-house repair. Her books include: ABC of Bookbinding, Books, Their Care and Their Repair (1983, out of print) and Care of Fine Books.

Tags: book repair, books, preservation


Pastilla said...

Great kit! Even though they have carelessly forgotten the SKUM-X!!!

Cheryl said...

True, there is no SKUM-X, but there is another brand (Opaline) of the same thing.

(on a side note, my I'm Not A Robot text is "flapart")