31 March 2006

Things I learned this week.

1. Jell-O™ can go mouldy in the fridge. It just takes 4 or 5 weeks.

2. A handy tip for easier cleaning of clumping litter from litterboxes: spray the box with Pam™ Non-Stick Spray before putting in the litter.

3. I can follow through on the things on my to-do list that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list. I now have an appointment to take the van in for repair tomorrow, and the CuppaJoe Cozies are now available for sale at Solstice Cafe in Victoria. Yay!

4. Apparently I have either hidden or purged most of my craft books. Luckily the web is full of inspiration: on Flickr, at DickBlick and of course in Google Images (oh, and btw, how cute is this Cup of Yarn kit??).

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pastilla said...

Hmmm. You have something special going on there in your fridge. My Jell-O™ just separates into water and shrivelled gelatin jerky.

Good for the Solstice Cafe! We'll be visiting relatives this summer in Victoria; will be sure to stop by and compliment them on their knitted merchandise.

Cheryl said...

The agreement with Solstice is only until the end of June. After that, if they are not selling, I promised to take them away :)