31 March 2006

Movie and Media Madness...

1. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is entertaining, but not as focused as the original. The theatre was surprisingly packed.

2. Sharon Stone really annoys me. The Smoking Gun has published her "Perks" list for filming the undoubted crap that is Basic Instinct 2.

3. If you think Iran is being fairly represented in the Western media, check out this thread, "The True Iran and its People" on Iran Defense.

4. The Faculty is a better film than you'd expect. Solid script, great cast, great direction. Entertaining time after time.

5. I'm about to watch Mr Blandings Builds his Dreamhouse for around the 5th time... I really ought to buy it.

tags: movies, media


pastilla said...

What a great treasure trove of links and recommendations. I have never seen Mr. Blandings.

That Sharon Stone list is unbelievable.

Cheryl said...

I really recommend Mr. Blandings. It is exactly what would happen if hubby and I attempted to reno an old farmhouse.

The movie was sort-of remade in the 80s as The Money Pit.