09 March 2006

Podcast done. Sort of.

OK, so podcast number two got treated to a ruthless editing so it is just a touch over one hour. Which also means it is 57 MB as an mp3.... so we are going to host it on archive.org... which meant that I couldn't post it this morning, before I left for work. Sigh.

Anyway, the "theme" of the podcast is "Weasels" and also weasely things like daylight savings. Speaking of which, the BC government wants your opinion (link to pdf news release) on the matter (until tomorrow, then they won't listen any more); email written responses directly to AGWEBFEEDBACK@gov.bc.ca.

In other news, there is snow falling outside. Snow! In Victoria! Stupid weather. Oh well.

Tags: podcast, thosedewolfes, archive.org, weasels, snow.

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