21 March 2006

Nearly complete....

Kiddo's room:

- wallpaper border remnants sanded off (check)
- new wallpaper border adhered (all but one small piece)
- storage unit in place and anchored to the wall (check)
- tv wall bracket in place (check) -- unfortunately, this meant getting a new tv, as her existing one was too big, but she is really happy with the new tv!
- DVD and video storage in place and "stocked" (check)
- IKEA Smila star lamp installed (check)

to finish -- hang canopy, hang new curtains, hang bulletin board and white board, put on new bedding, adhere last piece of border, rearrange remaining toys into new locations.


- side shelves installed (check)
- new garbage/recycling "station" in place (check)

to finish -- install new kitchen faucet.

- call from reporter about interview (check)
- panic that house needs to be clean (check)
- cute picture of my cat (check)


Tags: renos, cat, kitchen, bedroom.

1 comment:

pastilla said...

(Check as applicable)

Make Mummy's room as pretty.

Clear out 144 square feet for reporter.

Apologize to cute cat for disturbing slumber.

(Good luck with the press!)