22 March 2006

Was that a new rock?

CBC British Columbia - Premier to meet with rescued ferry passengers


OK. So all 101 crew and passengers were saved from the sinking ferry. This is one of the big BC Ferries -- it runs along the Inside Passage which is a fairly rough route, but the reason given right now for the sinking is that the ferry hit a rock. My guess is that wasn't a brand new rock. So what happened?

The whole fleet is aging, and not in a good way. Most of our ferries were built circa 1970 and have gone through several refits. That said, this is the first time a BC Ferry has sunk, which is pretty good for all the years they've been in service.

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Tim said...

Hm. That explains why there were two live-broadcast trucks outside the BC Ferries HQ this morning.

Of course, Gordo has made sure to try to score some political points by blaming the state of BC Ferries on the NDP. What an ass.

...and it looks like we're going to need a new ferry now. Let the shitstorm begin!

pastilla said...

(Imagines Gordon on phone with ICBC Ferryplan rep)

Cheryl said...

Oh, yeah. I just watched Gordo on the noon news, basically blaming the NDP government for not properly funding the corporation. Whatever.

Also, CEO David Hahn was on the news quietly freaking out that the numbers of crew plus passengers add up to 99, 100 or 101 depending on who you ask, so he is trying to get to the bottom of "the anomalies." Someone's gonna get fired...

My big question right now: will they cease operations on that route until they find a replacement or will they pull another ferry from the southern routes to replace it.

(oh, and Pastilla: the news anchor asked twice, "Was the vessel fully insured?")

pastilla said...

heh heh