27 March 2006

Apathy kills.


Oh, boooo f**ing hooo. RimCon was cancelled due to "lack of interest" -- yes! Lack of interest in the one husband-wife pairing of authors who had signed on! I've watched others try and find out what exactly was on the books and how they could help promote the event only to be ignored. How is that apathy?

What I love the most about this whiny post is that the organizers of a "literary SF con" approached the "the largest SCA club" who were, understandably, not interested. Um, yes, there might be people with shared inerests between the SCA and the SF con, but did the organizers also check with local gamers? book clubs? bloggers? Anyone??

I think perhaps the whiner got it wrong -- the only apathy I've seen is on the part of the organizers.

tags: victoria, fandom, sfcon, idiots, whiners.


Ted said...

BTW who were guests of honour at the only other Victoria SF Con (I-Con)? You guessed it, the same husband and wife pairing of authors!!!!

Cheryl said...

Yeah, they sound like convention whores. Lame, lame, lame.