04 March 2006

Another day in paradise...


[Between this and the robin shots, you'd think I was becoming a birder! Not yet, but wait a couple of decades and ask me again...]

Lovely day: lazy start followed by some quick retail errands (new cheap sunglasses and a visit to ReStore where we found a corner cupboard for the kitchen) and then a walk along the Dallas Road waterfront and beach. Kiddo followed that with some time at the Cook Street/Beacon Hill playground. After that we tried to find somewhere for lunch... ended up at Willows Galley for greasy but goooood traditional fish and chips. This was after finding out that the former Marina Deli and Cafe is now the Marina Coffee Shop and is basically a Starbucks™ with soup. From there we grabbed some groceries and came home for a lovely barbequed pizza dinner with tomato salad and appetizers (thanks, Chef Hubby!).

Tommorrow we will be gathering the paint and supplies for kiddo's pending room makeover ("Just like Design on a Dime!" she says) -- it's going to be quite purple when we are done. We will also be visiting some friends before we settle in for a night of catty comments on red carpet fashions and questionable Academy decisions.


pastilla said...

I wish you knew how lovely it is to read a Victoria blog . . . just the other day I was thinking it was perfect weather for fish & chips. Not a lot of that sort of cuisine here in the Redwoods. The only thing that was somewhat similar about my weekend is that I saw a "tropic violet" pick-up truck (with appliqueed bulletholes) this morning.

Roger said...

My name is Roger from Wellington New Zealand. I have been looking for a blog which isn't too heavy, or takes itself too seriously. I think I have found one here. New Zealand and Canada have one thing in common: we're both fleas on the backs of elephants. (Canada/USA and NZ/Australia). That gives us a healthy sense of proportion.
I'll be back!

Cheryl said...

Pastilla, glad I can bring you a little slice of Victoria. I'd FedEx you some fish and chips, but even at their speed, they would be miserable by the time they arrived.

Roger, HI! I have always wanted to run away to NZ, though it is harder now with a family... still, we may yet one day. One of my friends (a regular reader here) is already on his way.