07 March 2006

T minus 3 days....

It is almost time for our two weeks of vacation.... though my brain is already in vacation mode. To confirm that, we went on a brief spree at Tillicum mall. In just over an hour we filled bags with...

Extra Value shopping: Safeway's Customer Appreciation Day -- to get 10x our base AirMiles. We spent $60. Rewards are 1 mile per $20; so that means we get 30 air miles!! Woo! [Though according to Airmiles.ca, the bonus miles "may take up to 120 days" to appear on my account. Goofs.]

Flyer shopping: sale goods from half the aisles at London Drugs including a litre of pure Maple Syrup for a friend's Canadian Citizenship party this coming weekend and food for kiddo while she is at her Nana's.

Crafty shopping: sadly, the Lewiscraft store at the mall is closing out; lucky for us that meant cheap sculpting clay for hubby's creations.

Frivolous purchase: [aside from two large coffee beverages and a Jones soda for kiddo] a very deeply discounted Law & Order photography book -- basically it looks like crime scene photos because it is full of photos from the sets of the show. Kinda creepy, even for me. However for $3.49 (original cover price was $45) it was a bargain I couldn't ignore.

Tags: shopping, bargains, discounts.

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