08 March 2006

Liberal Leadership Kit.

OK... so since Mr. Martin fumbled and lost the country, no one in the Liberal Party has stepped forward to take the helm.

So on last night's episode of the Rick Mercer Report, he offered a leadership kit -- 15 minutes with the RMR writers and the use of their colour printer.

eBay.ca: The Rick Mercer Report Liberal Leadership Kit (item 6042164599 end time 14-Mar-06 19:17:43 EST)

Currently, bids are sitting at $16 million. Even Mercer thinks that those are likely not serious bids.

Even so, other people have climbed on the bandwagon to offer their own Liberal Leadership Kits (and similar items) on eBay.

Tee hee.

TAGS: Rick Mercer, RMR, Liberal Party, Canadian Politics, ebay weirdness.

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