15 March 2006

Vancouver: Day 2

a.k.a. Too Many Children or The High Price of Parking

Poorly thought out, I think, to go to both the Aquarium (parking $6 -- because I parked in the wrong lot the first time) and Science World (parking $4; plus a ticket because they are MORONS -- we will fight it) in the middle of spring break, when half of the children in the province were crammed into one or the other. The Aquarium was crazy... but that was nothing compared to the zoo of monsters inside Science World -- including one group whose leader thought it was an incredibly bright idea to line everyone up along the ramp that leads upstairs -- which meant that what could just barely allow two strollers to pass now became an instant traffic jam. And good luck to those in wheelchairs.

inside_aquarium dolphinjump pulley_play

Also, I stupidly didn't eat at the Aquarium (because I wasn't hungry) -- two hours of science-based mayhem later, I was starving. Also, getting kiddo out of there even after two hours was near impossible. She was literally hitting and kicking us. I promised her that next time we are in Vancouver, we will not be visiting Science World.

Anyway... after all that we headed into town, paid waaaay too much to park (OMG, just a retarded amount, I am not even going to type it) because, I directed us into the first parkade that seemed close to the Art Gallery, then we ate (at Subway) and went to the Gallery... which was very cool. I wanted to go to see the Brian Jungen show, which was in fact the highlight of the gallery visit:

brianjungen1 brianjungen2

From here, we headed for Kitsilano (parking $1), spent over $30 at the Candy Aisle, and oggled but didn't buy anything at the Comic Store. We then moved the van up a few blocks to Capers (parking $1) where we bought some supplements that I stupidly forgot to pack and raided their incredible deli for dinner fixings. We discovered there was a Book Warehouse up the block (added another $0.50 to parking) and all got some cheeeep books.

Then came time to navigate back to the hotel. All fine and good until we got to the off-ramp, which we almost missed because I SUCK at navigating. After that... well, did I mention I SUCK at navigating? When faced with right or left at one critical intersection, I chose the wrong way... so instead of being about 2 minutes to our hotel, it took closer to 15 by the time hubby turned around.... sigh.

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