14 March 2006

Vancouver : Day 1

a.k.a. Consumer Frenzy Part 1.
Took later ferry than expected (don't ask; if you do, I won't answer).

Arrived in Richmond around 11 a.m., headed directly for Aberdeen Centre, home of Daiso!!
Approximately 40 $2 items later (and some of them are doOOooozies) we left with two giant bags of stuff and headed for the food court. Mmmmm. I had a collection of yummy fried things: gyoza, chicken karaage, and veggie tempura. Hubby ate a healthy plate full of sashimi, and kiddo piled in the carbs with some shanghai noodles.

From here, we crossed the street to Yaohan centre where we whipped around the aisles of the Osaka Market like pros -- except they no longer seem to carry my favourite emergency lunch: eMMe instant rice!! AAAGH!!
We lingered a bit at the Hong Kong Movies VCD kiosk...hmm $20 for 6 vcds including tax... I may go back.

Still having an hour before check-in, we decided to investigate the XSCargo outlet next door... which ended in hubby getting a nifty little gadget... of which I am a wee bit jealous.
From there it was off to the hotel to check in. We got a Kids' Suite which means there's a half wall around a bunk bed; a second TV and a "game system" --- a Nintendo N64, oooooOOooh.

At least there is free net access.

Tomorrow will be "Tourist Day"... wish us luck!

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