13 March 2006

Preparing Exodus....

Today has been spent rearranging audio files (stuffing interesting new and old music and interviews on to my mp3 player), doing laundry, tidying, and otherwise preparing to leave for Vancouver for a few days.

Our "we should do x" list keeps growing so that we now have a definite list and an if-we-have-time list. Definite: Vancouver Aquarium, IKEA, Daiso, Yaohan Centre (and the Osaka Market), Vancouver Art Gallery, Science World (maybe only kiddo and hubby -- that place is expensive!). If-we-have-time: Book Warehouse, Half Price Computer Books, The Comic Shop and nearby Candy Aisle, Park Royal Shopping Centre .... and the list goes on.

I will update as I can (the hotel has internet access) but in case I don't... I'll be back in touch Friday or Saturday.

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pastilla said...

Have a great trip!