24 March 2006

Kid-Free day (and night)

Ahh. At about 9:30 this morning, my mother picked up kiddo for a day of fun and adventure, followed by a much-anticipated "sleepover at Granny's." About 30 minutes later, hubby and I were out the door and on our way up-Island.

It was sooooooo nice and quiet. Well, not all quiet; we did crank the tunes. I was able to knit four CuppaJoe Cozies (two on the way up, two on the way back). We stopped in some favourite places, some new, and some we haven't visited before. It was nice.

We hit a bunch of thrift stores -- in one I found a great vintage Burberry men's overcoat. It isn't the most flattering of coats, but it is sooooo comfortable and it was only $9.99. I also got two long-sleeved t-shirts for 99 cents each. In another we found the ugliest speakers I have ever seen:
We did not buy them.

We visited Fascinating Rhythm in Downtown Nanaimo (bought a CD and a DVD) and we popped into Jysk to get one more wood crate for the kitchen. We had lunch at Blue Ginger, an Asian restaurant in Nanaimo which serves a variety of Cantonese (Dim Sum), Japanese and Thai cuisine. Verrry yummmy. Finally, we wandered Woodgrove Centre where we broke our boycott of an Evil Retailer because I found four cheeeeep DVDs ($6.88 each) that I decided I wanted, despite their being sold at said Evil Retailer.

Since being home it's been a quiet evening watching Firefly, computing, and considering crafting.

Monday is back to the grind... and it'll be a while 'til my next day off. My next lengthly vacation (10 days) is around my birthday at the end of June.

Tags: Nanaimo, Duncan, roadtrip, shopping.

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