17 March 2006

Vancouver: Day 3

a.k.a. Beat the Clock.

OK. So... we set ourselves a "late checkout" of 2:00.... but we didn't leave the Coquitlam IKEA until 1:23.... so we were late... and beat... and by the time we stuffed everything else on top of the IKEA booty (of which there was MUCH -- four pieces of furniture, plastic bins, and 3 or 4 bags of other goodies), we were also very fully loaded. In fact later while waiting at the ferry terminal, I remarked that another van had less crap than we did in their trunk. From the back seat, kiddo piped up, "Yay! We win the crap game!" So true, kiddo.

We chose to take the Horseshoe Bay - Nanaimo ferry back. We waited at the ferry terminal for almost two hours... for the record, that is too long for me and for kiddo (we were both complaining) and long enough for hubby to consider exit strategies (because we were both complaining). Sailings were behind because of this incident:

Driver runs amok with his truck at ferry terminal
Mar, 17 2006 - 2:20 AM

WEST VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - BC Ferries is reviewing its security procedures after yesterday's incident at the Horseshoe Bay Terminal in which a distraught man drove a five-ton truck at high speed through the vehicle waiting area narrowly missing several people before crashing it through a gate and into a loading ramp.


We got home about 11:30 last night, got kiddo into bed, then made a half dozen trips back and forth to the van to unload. Today we installed some of the new stuff in the kitchen; part one of the makeover should be complete after this weekend.

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