22 February 2005

Hmmm. Curious.

Remember last month, I applied for an off-campus job and I was all a-twitter? Well, I hadn't heard anything and then today I find out it has been re-posted. Aaaargh!

Now, the pessimist in me thinks, "Well, I guess my resume sucked;" and the other pessimist thinks, "Maybe they didn't receive my application. Damned email." Then the realist in me kicks the pessimists for being such twits and says, "C'mon. Your resume was fine. You were totally qualified. Maybe they just hired someone who didn't work out. Or they didn't shortlist enough candidates."

So, I am going to apply again. But this time, I will take my application in and deliver it by hand. Damned email.

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Stallionforce said...


You will OWN those bitches.


~Otto Convarlus Weesabix~