23 February 2005

Wood Automata

OK, these are cool carvings to start with, but they are also automated (a hand crank allows the user to interact with the creation): Dug North -- Handmade Wood Automata -- Available and on Commission. If you follow the link, check out some of his other art while you're there. Nice stuff.

You know if I had the cash, I'd be sending some Dug's way.


Z├ęzette said...

Oh, well done, Dug! My father makes automata, which I think is incredibly cool. He's currently into the ones with marbles running around ridiculously complex and eccentric tracks. Why aren't there more automata in the world today?

Dug North said...

Zezette (and Cheryl),

Thank you for your kind words! I'm doing what I can to build more automata and to spread the word.

To track the automata scene, check out The Automata /Automaton blog


Dug Norh