27 February 2005

I read the news today oh boy.

"I've been around this business long enough to know that publishing Canadian fiction is a good way to go quickly bankrupt," said Harnum [senior vice-president of scholarly publishing at University of Toronto Press].
Reaction to Rockhound, an obscure CanLit title published by UTP winning CBC's "Canada Reads" challenge this week. [Read more at the Globe and Mail]


My opinion of Halle Berry just went up a notch: she appeared at the Razzie's to accept worst actress for Catwoman -- the screenwriter showed up too! [Read more at BBC news]

Although no charges have been filed, a jubilant collection of law enforcers and community leaders told a cheering crowd they were confident the long-running case could now be closed.
Um, isn't that called "counting your chickens before they are hatched?" [Read more about the capture of the person suspected to be serial killer BTK at USA Today.]

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