12 February 2005

All done with Wal-Mart

For the past few years I have grudgingly shopped at Wal-Mart because for some items they are plainly the cheapest option in town.
Lately though we haven't been able to find half of what we are looking for when we go, but worse is the way they are so brutally anti-union... to the point of shutting down the store in Jonquiere Quebec which was the first to win the right to unionize in Canada. The announcement was followed by bomb-threats called into two other Quebec Wal-Marts.

Now unions in the province are debating a public boycott of Wal-Mart [Globe and Mail story]. For me, there's no more weighing. I just plain won't shop there... unless all the Zellers stores in town close (one already has, and another is pending closure)... and then I'll be screwed.

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Tim said...

You might find this site interesting, I think. Wal-Mart is appalling.