24 February 2005

Am I missing something?

If they are really granting this person the right to live "in anonymity," why is her photo all over the news? Maxine Carr wins identity secrecy [BBC] -- Maxine Carr wins indefinite anonymity [Reuters UK] -- Liar Carr wins ID fight [Sun].

What did she do? "Her boyfriend Ian Huntley is serving a life-sentence for killing ten-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in August 2002 while Maxine Carr served 21 months in prison for providing a false alibi for him." [Channel 4 News] OK, she's not quite as creepy as Karla Homolka (Carr only lied, she didn't participate in the murders) but still it seems a bit much to guarantee her anonymity in perpetuity. (Incidently, Homolka's 12-year sentence ends this year, so expect a whole lot of controversy when her release date rolls around in July.)


carrie said...

Perhaps she's had plastic surgery done? If she hasn't, then it does seem strange to proclaim all over the media that she's granted anonymity alongside her photo.

Cheryl said...

The reports seem to say otherwise -- just that the media may not release her new name or whereabouts, etc. Odd.

Deb said...

The reason her photos are published is because everyone knows what she looks like anyway. The reason she is granted anonymity is because British people are a**holes who go mad and try to kill people like Maxine Carr. I feel really sorry for her; she was quite the victim herself in this case.
Deb who only lives here in the UK