26 February 2005

Busy Friday, Calm Saturday

Friday started slow but got busy pretty fast.... left the house at noon, grabbed the van, dropped off a resume and cover letter for the re-posted college job, grabbed some lunch, dropped by to see a friend and her new (11-days!) baby girl, popped downtown to a thrift store -- spent a whole dollar -- then off to the pet store, then grabbed hubby, came home and ate, dropped off the kid, and helped a friend move. =phew= When we returned home with the kid, she put herself to bed, and I managed to knit like crazy while we watched some TV.

Thes morning was a nice lazy start and hubby treated us to fresh crepes (savory, then sweet) for brunch. This afternoon, there was an open house at the Railyards -- a big new development nearby -- and we were curious so off we went. The townhouses are not too much bigger than our current place (they are just under 1600 square feet -- we have just under a thousand), but they are brand new, right on the waterfront, and basically "trendy." And how much do you think they might be asking? A mere $395K for the most basic floorplan. Somehow in Victoria, this is "reasonable." The kid had so much fun, she wanted to see more, so she and I went in search for more open houses. We looked at a couple of 2 br. mid-40's construction single family homes on lots about 50'x120' in Esquimalt (not far from where we live now). Considering both needed a LOT of help (last renos were probably done around 1970), they were still just out of our price range at $239K and $269K. Again, these are "starter homes" in Victoria. Just crazy.

This evening has been mellow and calm... I've been fiddling with photos I've taken in the past few days [underwater needles -- bright moon -- Moon over McPherson -- Sunset on Bay -- train crossing].

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