16 February 2005

Constantine - minireview

Great. Opening. Sequence.

After the hook, it keeps going. It's a dark, slightly irreverent, constantly entertaining film. It made me jump (more than once) and made me laugh (more than once). Only occasionally did I find myself scoffing at Keanu or annoying plot inconsistencies. Overall the casting was inspired, and they spent wisely on effects, costumes and sets.

I wouldn't recommend this film to strict Catholics but otherwise, it's worth the $10.

[If you liked any or all of: Dogma, The Exorcist, Hellboy or the original Matrix, you'll likely enjoy Constantine.]

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Stallionforce said...

I love myself too much (which is slightly more than not at all) to watch Keanu.

And to all his fans, I just gotta say "eat my shorts" and "take a pill" if you don't like it!


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