17 February 2005

Retro Games

If, like me, you sometimes pine for a fix of Asteroids, Frogger, or Moon Patrol then you should appreciate what some of these folks do with their spare time:

>> www.miniarcade.com is dedicated to collecting vintage hand-held electronics from the 1970s and 1980s. I'll bet you had at least one of these (I had a well-loved Merlin).
>> Paul Neave has whipped together downloadable versions of a few classics including Asteroids, PacMan and Space Invaders.
>> The folks at 80sMusicLyrics have a Games area with flash versions of many classics including a great version of classic NES Duck Hunter. Play online or download.
>> You've probably seen JAKKS Pacific TV Games in your local toy store -- we bought the Atari 10-in-1 joystick -- the best thing about them is they plug into any TV or VCR with video input; the worst thing is you can't store your high scores.


Stallionforce said...

I would slay all in my path for a few hours of Galaga...These men are to be celebrated with as much relish as the Booker Prize winners, IMO.



Cheryl said...

More relish than those bookish Booker Prize people. More relish. (But only if it is the regular green sweet relish, not that mustardy "hot dog relish" or the even more dastardly "hamburgur relish" that imagines it is a combination of ketchup and pickles.)