09 February 2005

Really Good Day

Today was one of those rare "really good" days.

Got up at 7-ish, had coffee, had breakfast (cooked by hubby), kissed hubby goodbye and drove into work (I worked dayshift today and hubby worked from home to watch the kid). Dropped off my lunch and stuff by my desk, grabbed a clipboard and hoofed across campus for a computing course. [1]

After the course, I meandered back across campus, enjoying the crisp sunny day, watching the campus wildlife in their natural habitats... and eventually got to my desk long enough for a quick check of my email and then off to lunch! After lunch there was a little work for me, but mostly I was spinning my wheels and grinning because (a) I knew I'd be leaving at 5:45 and (b) as of 5:45 I would be on vacation for 10 (ten) days!! Woot!

Hubby picked me up, then we grabbed his family and dropped them and our kid off at the Roxy theatre to see the Incredibles while hubby and I enjoyed two hours of kid-free shopping ! And we splurged on our Valentines gifts early [2].

We then picked up the family, dropped them home, brought the kid inside, had some cuddles and she put herself to bed (!) while we watched the episode of West Wing we had taped.

So even when our (main) computer [3] froze and stalled out (the FAT on drive C went kablooey), it could not ruin my evening. Hubby set to fixing it, and I got some knitting done.

For me, it was a mostly perfect day. Yay!

[1]The class was "Excel: Macros and User Defined Functions." I was the first to arrive, and in fact one of only 3 to take the class. I was a little worried when looking through the "you should already know..." section of the handout since I took the introductory course almost a decade ago and had never taken the "Beyond the Basics" section -- but hey, I'm a computer-savvy grrrl, and I use the damned program all the time, so I can handle it, right? Well, it turns out I could handle it, but it also turns out I have been using Excel in the most ass-backwards, longhand, inefficient way possible (perhaps only worse use would be not installing it, and just using the CD to slap at a stack of papers covered in long-hand calculations). So anyway, I will fix that now.

[2] We bought music: Mondo Exotica from the Ultralounge Collection and William Shatner's Has Been; and movies: Down With Love, How To Marry a Millionaire, and The Day The Earth Stood Still. We also considered Gwen Stefani's Love Angel Music Baby and Green Day's American Idiot, along with a huge long list of movies ... but decided to keep our drunken spending under $100.

[3] We have many computers. One that is "mine" (on which I am typing right now); one that is hubby's (currently awaiting revival); one laptop (currently hubby's "main" computer); one shared computer (with the dead FAT file); and one old Apple which the kid bashes around. Plus we have an odd assortment of parts, some of which will soon be Frankenstiened into a file server.

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