28 May 2006

Victoria Toy Show

Up at 6, eat and get out the door... off to Sidney we went to sell our toys. Our table was not pretty and was loaded with less expensive toys... but we still made out OK. We made back the cost of our table shortly after opening, and made a comfortable profit (discounting the cost of the toys originally and our time of course...) by the end of the day.


Most of our bulky toys sold (which was good) and there were one or two we pulled off with second thoughts, including my glitter-encrusted 1979 diecast Millenneum Falcon, which I plan to take to work to admire.


The sale started slow (early birds got a 90 minute head start) but then went crazy from 10-11:30... it gradually slowed down so much that we packed up about 20 minutes early and headed off to get some sushi from Fujiya.... but before we left the parking lot, we did sacrifice one beat up unsold toy car....


.... it was surprisingly difficult to drive over; not unlike trying to drive up on to a sidewalk with no cutaway.

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