10 May 2006

midweek link dump

Yes, I've been busy this week!

Creepy amusing, and not unlike the Surveillance Camera Players, check out the self-portraits with surveillance cams pool slideshow on Flickr

Or, if you'd like something less creepy, how about crafty? For inspiration, I have been looking to Tips for Recycling and Reusing and inspiring images from craft books.

This week, I have been loving CBC's The Hour with George S. (yeah, I am so not typing his last name. It's worse than M. Night Shamalamadingdong). Name aside, he's smart, sassy, funny, and not hard on the eyes, either-- imagine combining Jon Stewart and Rick Mercer in some weird transporter accident with Billie Joe of Green Day.

Anyway... the show. Informative, irreverent, unpredictable and always entertaining. Yesterday, it was all about Religion (DaVinci Code stuff, possible sainthood of Pope John Paul II, the groups South Park picks on the most, etc.); tonight it seems to be all about Sex (an interview with Hustler mag mogul Larry Flynt, a piece on a documentary about burlesque stars called Pretty Things, and talking to Gilbert Godfried, the unsexiest man). I love Canadian TV.

Incidentally, we also watched a great Tony Robinson-hosted look at the DaVinci Code nonsense on History TV last night. Good stuff.

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